On the Road to Raising Awareness

Tresca Brothers partners with The Home for Little Wanderers

Tresca Truck storybuilder

Scott Inman, Senior Corporate Relations Manager for The Home, with Liz Ann and her adopted daughter in front of a Tresca Brothers Sand & Gravel truck with The Home’s logo.

Family-run Tresca Brothers Sand & Gravel of Millis is known for building strong foundations. Today, the company that first launched a charity billboard campaign on the side of its concrete trucks several years ago, will partner with The Home for Little Wanderers — a non-profit organization that is committed to building a different type of foundation, one that provides immediate protection to thousands of at-risk children each year and prepares them for meaningful and productive lives.

A number of Tresca’s concrete trucks are on the road as moving billboards with logos of various charities on the rotating drum. The latest, featuring The Home for Little Wanderers logo, also includes a cityscape of Boston by a young artist at The Home’s Knight Children’s Center along with the message “making a difference for children.”

“Tresca has taken a great idea and developed it into an effective model for raising awareness about causes and organizations that are important to the community,” said Scott Inman, Senior Corporate Relations Manager. “The commitment of the Tresca family and their employees has helped many organizations over the years and serves as a positive example to other local businesses that are looking for unique ways to give back.”

Tresca chooses each charity partner through employee recommendations, customer suggestions or charity requests. The Home for Little Wanderers truck is the result of a recommendation from a Tresca employee whose friend adopted her daughter with help from the organization.



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