"Waiting Children" Adoption

The Home is committed to finding permanent homes for our most vulnerable children.

These children, who have been removed from their biological families because of abuse and/or neglect, are presently in the custody of the Department of Children and Families (formerly the Department of Social Services). Most of the children reside in foster homes while some live in residential programs.

The Home works with DCF to place these "waiting children" (who are predominantly 5-11 years of age) in adoptive homes that can meet their many challenging needs. Many of the children have emotional/behavioral, developmental or medical needs. The children represent all racial and ethnic backgrounds and many are in large sibling groups.

We provide the following services:

      • A specialized pre-adoptive training called MAPP
      • Adoption home study of prospective adoptive parent(s)
      • Matching of adoptive parent(s) with children throughout the DCF system
      • Placement and post-placement supervision
      • Legalization of the adoption after the child has been in the home for at least 6 months
      • Post legalization support (see Post Adoption)


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