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Taylor with her mom and dad.



ASCL student Taylor’s dedication to helping others shines through—she is driven, intelligent, and compassionate. In addition to excelling in her studies at BSU, Taylor is a licensed Emergency Medical technician (EMT). While returning from the ASCL service trip to Cape Verde last winter break, Taylor had no idea she would need to put these EMT skills into action. But when she heard over the plane intercom on the flight that a passenger was in distress, Taylor instantly took initiative. She found another passenger to translate while she communicated with the distressed passenger, checking symptoms and medical history while helping steady her breathing until the plane landed. Service remains very important to Taylor, who was named the first place winner of the MLK Hope World Foundation $1,500 scholarship for her essay that highlighted her Cape Verde trip. She is pursuing a double major in criminal justice and psychology, which she plans to use for a future in law enforcement.