Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is The Home for Little Wanderers?

A: The Home for Little Wanderers is America's oldest and New England's largest, non-profit child and family service agency. The Home provides services to thousands of children and families each year throughout Eastern Massachusetts. We are committed to providing the highest quality help to individuals in need, creating and disseminating knowledge gained through hands-on experience and bold innovation, and actively advocating for the children and families in our communities and the people who serve them.

Q: Is The Home for Little Wanderers an orphanage?

A: While many of our programs help families stay together in a functional and safe home environment, our residential programs serve children who typically do not have a safe home in which to live. Many of our residents have experienced some form of abuse and require out-of-home placements. Their stay with us is usually less than two years, and they typically move to less restrictive settings with members of their own families, foster care families, or adoptive families.

Q: Is The Home a cost-effective organization? Are fundraising costs kept to a minimum?

A: Yes! The National Charities Information Bureau recommends that nonprofit organizations spend at least 60% of their revenue on programs. At The Home, 79% of revenue is allocated to programs and 5% is allocated to fundraising expenses. An additional 16% is spent on support services that include staff training, program planning, quality assurance, and prudent financial management. The Home strives to keep non-program costs at a minimum while maximizing the impact of contributions on programs.

Q: Where does The Home get its funding?

A: $5.3 million is generated from fundraising and $3.8 million is generated from interest on endowment gifts. 77% of the budget is generated from contracts with municipal and state agencies. Without contributions, hundreds of children would not receive the support they need from The Home.

Q: What are the linguistic capabilities of trained staff?

A: Our staff speak a variety of languages to match the diversity of our clients. We currently have staff that speak the following foreign languages: Amharic, Creole, Haitian Creole, Creole French, French, Spanish, German, and Mandarin.

Q: How do I know The Home is providing everything it says it does?

A: Come and visit! We would be happy to arrange tours of our facilities and meetings with various staff members. If coming to us is not possible or is inconvenient, we can come to you and provide you with a personal update on our endeavors. For more information, contact us via e-mail or by phone at (888) HOME321.