The Rice Center
At The Center for Early Childhood

The Rice Center, a program within The Center for Early Childhood at The Home for Little Wanderers, provides an array of psychological consultations and support services to families with young children.

Children complete 90% of their brain development by age five. This critical time creates the basis for a child’s emotional, cognitive, and social growth. Through its outpatient mental health model, The Rice Center helps parents form healthy relationships with their young children which become the basis of the child’s social-emotional health.

More than 20 years ago, The Rice Center opened its doors in Brookline as a Maternal-Infant Training program, as part of The Boston Institute for Psychotherapy Inc. The program grew to provide affordable clinical intervention and services, focused around psychodynamic and psychoanalytical principles, to families with young children. In 2016, The Rice Center, still offering its psychotherapy based services, moved to The Home for Little Wanderers’ as part of its new Center for Early Childhood which focuses on the social-emotional health of young children.


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1101 Beacon Street
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