Career and Vocational Services at the Clifford School

The Clifford School has a versatile career development program to help students make decisions about their future in the workplace. Students learn about career paths, identify interests and acquire concrete skills in resume writing, interviewing, and etiquette in the workplace. They also learn how to manage a bank account, take public transportation, and identify resources within the community.

A fundamental part of the Career Development Program is vocational training. Our comprehensive program gives students hands-on experience with several different vocations.

Four major vocational tracks include:

      • Xerox Digital Printing Production School-to-Career Program 
      • Graphic Design
      • Automotive 
      • Agricultural
      • Music

A vital piece of this program’s success has been the collaboration with local companies that have joined in our efforts to educate students with hands-on vocational experiences. Many of our students are placed in internships with local businesses and a wide range of on-campus jobs are available for those not ready to work in the community.