Wellness and Recreation at Longview Farm and the Clifford School

Longview Farm’s sprawling 166 acres is located 25 miles from Downtown Boston. Students are encouraged to actively explore the many physical aspects of the campus and to achieve inner-calm with the meditative activities available. The campus includes:

      • Miles of hiking and nature fields 
      • Swimming Pool 
      • Indoor and outdoor basketball courts 
      • Fishing Pond 
      • Music Suite 
      • Organic Garden 
      • Softball Field 
      • Playground 
      • Intramural team sports 
      • Project Adventure

With such facilities, we are able to improve social and group dynamics and can easily tailor recreational programs to suit individual needs appropriate to the treatment plan.

The Project Adventure Program is designed to challenge students to go beyond their perceived boundaries, work with others to solve problems, experience success and improve self-esteem. The program utilizes the "Challenge by Choice" principles, where participants choose their degree of participation in the activities, which helps them build their internal center of control and take responsibility for their behaviors and actions. Non-competitive games, group problem-solving initiatives, and ropes course events are the principal activities used to help students reach their goals. Time and time again, we have seen students with some of the most acute behaviors make dramatic turnarounds while immersed in this program.