Preschool Outreach Program
At The Center for Early Childhood

The Home’s Preschool Outreach Program aims to foster positive social and emotional development in young children through play, individual and family therapy. Toxic stress can affect children’s physical and mental health throughout their lifetime if it goes untreated. POP’s qualified staff, which includes master’s level clinical social workers and art therapists, provides supports and services to children ages 0-7 and their families.

Children and families seek help from POP for a variety of concerns including:

      • Challenging and/or disruptive behaviors 
      • History with domestic and/or community violence 
      • Homelessness 
      • Caregiver substance abuse 
      • Family conflict 
      • General stress and anxiety
      • Adjustment to significant changes 
      • Support for social skills 
      • Foster Care/Adoption issues

If you think you may know a child who would benefit from POP services learn more about POP Referrals.

POP also offers specialized services for Child Care Programs, Preschools, and Home-Based Child Programs. These services help teachers understand and better foster the growth of social and emotional development in their classroom.

Learn more about the supports and services POP offers.



Who should be referred
to POP?


780 American Legion Highway 
Roslindale, MA 02131