Clinical Services and Family Involvement at Southeast Academy

Southeast Academy provides a comprehensive therapeutic environment that fosters safety, consistency, and respect for students, families, and staff. All members of staff are trained in the evidence-based practices of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Trauma Informed Care Clinical services include individual, family and group therapy as well as psychiatric services including evaluation, prescribing of medication, and follow-up. Clinicians take a lead role in managing the needs of each student and his/her family.

There is also staff with specialized expertise who works therapeutically with students who have diagnoses of:

      • Asperger’s Syndrome 
      • Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) 
      • ADHD 
      • Behavioral and Emotional Disorders 
      • Reactive Attachment Disorder

Family Involvement

The Home for Little Wanderers’ philosophy asserts that every child and family is unique, each with their own sets of strengths, goals, needs, and circumstances. Our belief is that students and residents will meet greater success when their family however defined, is actively involved in all aspects of care and treatment. They maintain contact with the family and other caregivers. The school provides support and assistance through:

      • Teacher conferences 
      • Reviews of standardized evaluation processes and results 
      • Group Conferences 
      • IEP Meetings 
      • Report cards 
      • Family meetings 
      • Family dinner and holidays