Career and Vocational Development at Southeast Academy

In our Career Development Program, students learn about possible career paths, identify interests and acquire concrete skills in resume writing, interviewing, and work etiquette. Within this program students also learn how to manage a bank account, take public transportation, and identify resources within the community. Students create a portfolio of tools and references that they can take with them as they venture out into the work world.

A vital piece of this program’s success has been the collaboration with local businesses that have joined our efforts to educate students with hands on vocational experiences. Our students are placed in volunteer opportunities and internships within the local community and a wide variety of on-campus jobs are available for those not ready to work in the community. Students at Southeast Academy have created their own business venture as professional caters for local businesses and events at The Home.

Vocational Tracks

Carpentry at Southeast Academy exposes students to the procedures of operating both hand and power tools while understanding blueprints and residential building codes. Students gain hands-on experience while abiding by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements. Students build hurricane tables, Adirondack chairs, cabinets and more.

Equine Science teaches students about breeds, selection, uses, and other horse-related aspects of the agribusiness industry. Students participate in therapeutic horse riding including bareback, western, and English styles.

Culinary Arts enables youth to learn proper safety, sanitation, presentation, cooking and baking techniques while using cognitive and motor skills. Students complete the ServSafe Curriculum and become certified upon passing the appropriate exam. Southeast Academy’s catering license allows students to get professional experience in the community while practicing skills that could lead to a career.