Wellness & Recreation at Southeast Academy

Southeast Academy is located on 53-acres of scenic woods in Plymouth, MA. On the expansive campus, students enjoy the following recreational activities:

      • Hiking trails 
      • Swimming 
      • Fishing pond 
      • Climbing wall 
      • Softball field 
      • Ropes course 
      • Indoor and outdoor basketball courts 
      • Intramural sports teams

Southeast Academy offers the Project Adventure Program which is designed to challenge students to go beyond their perceived boundaries, work with others to solve problems, experience success and improve self-esteem.

With Project Adventure, team sports, and the other recreational activities offered, students are able to experience success outside of the classroom. Youth are able to improve social and group dynamics and develop sportsmanship and self-confidence. Time and time again, we have seen students with some of the most acute behaviors make dramatic turnarounds while immersed in this program.