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Individual Opportunities

The types of volunteer opportunities at The Home vary widely, from leading a weekly activity at one of our programs to providing administrative support. Whether you work directly with the kids or "behind the scenes," your contribution will make a difference for the children and families in our care.

Here are just a few examples of how you can help:

  • Mentor  Spend quality time each week with a specific child, playing games, going to the park, exploring the city, and having important life conversations along the way. Ideally, mentors would meet with their mentee weekly, and mentors would also check-in with the mentee's clinician on a regular basis for support.  Learn more
  • Advocacy Volunteer Advocacy volunteers work to build awareness about The Home and advocate to strengthen and improve child welfare and family policies in Massachusetts.  In this role, you will sign up to learn about our issues and receive action alerts from The Home.  You may be asked to contact one of your local elected officials or attend community events, among other activities.  An advocacy volunteer differs from direct-care volunteers in that this role does not require the same application and interview process since you will not interact with The Home’s clients. 
  • General Program Volunteer A "jack of all trades" volunteer will spend time in the milieu with the kids and adjust their activities according the the needs an interests of the day. Whether it be playing board games, cooking a meal together, filling out job applications, or just sitting down to have a conversation with a group of kids, you will be an integral part of the culture of the program and someone that the kids look forward to seeing each week. Flexibility is a key quality for the role. 
  • School Assistant Provide assistance at one of our schools (located in Walpole and Plymouth). This may include assisting in the library, classroom, or in school activities. The frequency of visits may depend on the role.
  • Tutor  Provide support and encouragement for a child who needs help with homework or overcoming other academic challenges. Tutors are asked to come weekly, on a consistent basis.
  • Activities Coordinator  Share your talents by teaching a class in art, dancing, woodworking, writing, athletics, acting, cooking, etc. Positions do not necessarily require a weekly commitment.
  • Child Care Provider  Provide monthly childcare at meetings and trainings for the Adoption and Foster Care programs. These meetings take place on either weekday evenings or weekend days. You will be responsible for caring for the children while the adults are in meetings. Games, art supplies and activities will be provided, and typically a few childcare providers will be working each shift. You can commit to a monthly shift or be a part of the relief pool to assist when needed.
  • Administrative Support  Assist administrative offices and programs with tasks such as data entry, copying, filing, answering phones, etc. The length of the commitment varies depending on the individual’s availability and the program's needs.
  • Special Events Volunteer  Give your time and energy to help out at one of The Home's special events. A special events volunteer differs from direct care or administrative volunteers in that this role does not require the same application and interview process since you will not interact with The Home’s clients.
  • Program Advocate  Distribute informational flyers within your Boston neighborhood, contact organizations within your community to arrange informational sessions presented by The Home or promote the benefits of specific programs of The Home.
  • Thrift Shop Assistant  Price merchandise, create new window displays and organize storage spaces at The Thrift Shop of Boston (located in Roslindale) from which all proceeds are donated to The Home. Other opportunities include soliciting quality donations through social networks & direct marketing efforts, as well as helping with customers in the shop.
  • Human Rights Committee Advisor  Advocate for children served by The Home by protecting and promoting their individual rights. This group meets quarterly, but is not taking any more members at this time.   


We would love to hear about any special skills or talents you have to share! Contact us at:

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