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Individual Opportunities

The types of volunteer opportunities at The Home vary widely, from leading a weekly activity at one of our programs to providing administrative support. Whether you work directly with the kids or "behind the scenes," your contribution will make a difference for the children and families in our care.

Here are just a few examples of how you can help:

  • Mentor  Spend quality time each week with a specific child, playing games, going to the park, etc.  Learn more
  • Program or Classroom Assistant  Work with a group of kids on-site at a program or school, helping to run an arts and crafts group, teach a sport or facilitate recreational activities.
  • Tutor  Provide support and encouragement for a child who needs help with homework or other academic challenges. Tutors are asked to come weekly, on a consistent basis.
  • Activities Coordinator  Share your talents by teaching a class in art, dancing, woodworking, writing, athletics, acting, cooking, etc. Positions do not necessarily require a weekly commitment.
  • Volunteer Relief Pool  Help with “behind the scenes” assignments such as babysitting siblings during parent support groups or cooking a meal.
  • Administrative Support  Assist administrative offices and programs with tasks such as data entry, copying, filing, answering phones, etc. The length of the commitment varies depending on the individual’s availability and the program's needs.
  • Special Events Volunteer  Give your time and energy to help out at one of The Home's special events. A special events volunteer differs from direct care or administrative volunteers in that this role does not require the same application and interview process since you will not interact with The Home’s clients.
  • Program Advocate  Distribute informational flyers within your Boston neighborhood, contact organizations within your community to arrange informational sessions presented by The Home or promote the benefits of specific programs of The Home.
  • Thrift Shop Assistant  Price merchandise, create new window displays and organize storage spaces at The Thrift Shop of Boston from which all proceeds are donated to The Home. Other opportunities include soliciting quality donations through social networks & direct marketing efforts, as well as helping with customers in the shop.
  • Human Rights Committee Advisor  Advocate for children served by The Home by protecting and promoting their individual rights.  


We would love to hear about any special skills or talents you have to share! Contact us at:

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