Volunteer Spotlights

Below are some real life stories of volunteers who have had an impact and what inspired them to get involved. These are just a few examples of the many volunteers who are making a difference for children at The Home each day.


Ade's Story
“It is not just a task. It can lead to a lifetime commitment. I think about how I will be helping Caleb ten years down the road.”

—Ade, 24

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Building Trust in the Dog House
"It’s amazing to see the kids change with the dogs. They become so vulnerable and sweet."

—Polly and Mike, volunteers at Longview Farm

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Rupal Shah

Little Hands, Little Feet, Big Hearts...
"The children say they have learned from us — they have learned to make strawberry pizzas, pilgrim hats, and paper butterflies. But I think I have learned a whole lot more from them."

—Rupal Shah, volunteer at Knight Children's Center

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Liam Walsh

Bringing Hope
"I’d encourage people to get involved. It takes patience, compassion and consistency, but it’s one of the most rewarding experiences you can have."

—Liam Walsh, mentor

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Sweet Charity
"I am proud to be part of this community; everyone who I have asked to support Longview Farm has done so with enthusiasm." 

—Virginia Griffin, volunteer at Longview Farm

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Giving Something Back
"There are alternative role models out there, not just entertainers and athletes, but teachers, lawyers, or doctors."

—John Turner, volunteer at Roxbury House

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