Waltham House Goals and Services

The Waltham House is a unique group home that puts the safety and health of LGBTQ youth first. The primary goals of Waltham House are the following:

      • To offer LGBTQ youth a safe and supportive environment in which to live and grow 
      • To offer families the support they need in order to become reunified with LGBTQ youth
      • To offer LGBTQ youth an opportunity to develop essential life skills that will prepare them for the eventuality of independent living 
      • To offer LGBTQ youth opportunities to develop s strong connections to LGBT and non-LGBT communities.

To achieve these goals, we provide an array of services:

      • Multi-disciplinary team approach to treatment plan development and implementation 
      • Individual and creative stabilization services and interventions 
      • Individual, group and family therapy and case management by Masters level clinicians 
      • Family outreach and support services 
      • Life-skills development 
      • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) 
      • Integrative Treatment for Complex Trauma (ITCT)