LIFE SKILLS for Transitional Age Youth Programs

Our transitional aged youth programs all include a life skills curriculum to ensure young adults develop important skills necessary for an all-around healthy and independent lifestyle. The 12-point curriculum includes:

      • Financial Literacy 
      • Employment/Career Planning 
      • Health and Wellness 
      • Written and Verbal Communication 
      • Drug and Alcohol Awareness 
      • Civic Responsibility 
      • Parenting 
      • Housing Assistance/Home Life 
      • Education Planning 
      • Social/Recreational 
      • Nutrition and Cooking 
      • Personal Hygiene and Grooming

Our Life Coaches help guide our young men and women through the life skills curriculum, while encouraging them to set and achieve goals along the way. The Home’s Life Coaches meet young adults on-site at our aging out programs or in the community, where they continue to facilitate success and provide invaluable support.