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Casting His Spell: Magic Man DaSean Greene Lives His Dream

If you attended The Home’s Voices & Visions event last April, you met magician and entrepreneur DaSean Greene. A natural entertainer, DaSean mingled during the cocktail hour, mystifying partygoers with his sleight of hand, and coin and card tricks. Later in the evening, DaSean and his journey to success were honored in the program. Weeks before the event, DaSean received news he had been waiting to hear; he had been accepted into the Junior Society of The Academy of the Magical Arts, “the Harvard of Magic” for gifted young magicians. Access to the Magic Castle in Hollywood, the private club of The Academy of the Magical Arts and the stage for a weekly lineup of magic shows, is a privilege of membership. In July, DaSean boarded a plane for the first time in his life, and he went there.

DaSean has been studying the art of magic since age eight—he was hooked after his father showed him two card tricks when DaSean visited him in prison. Now 20, DaSean is serious about his craft. This Hollywood visit would be a work trip. “I was not there to have fun,” he says. “I was there to work and network. I was there to be this soldier.” But when DaSean stood before the Los Angeles castle, the magical mecca that drew luminaries like David Copperfield and David Blaine to its hallowed halls, any preconceived ideas vanished. “All of it left me,” he shares. “I had no soldier in me. It wasn’t about the plans I had or targeted connections. It was just about being home.”

DaSean against Magic Castle backdrop pageFor an individual who has been in state programs since age 14 and has feared homelessness, this speaks volumes. Today, DaSean resides in one of The Home’s independent apartment units in New Hampshire, a newer program established for young adults who have aged out of state care. Given that DaSean feels there have been times in his life he has raised himself, it is an empowering setup. With a place of his own, instead of using his mental energy on finding a safe place to sleep, he has the freedom to focus on building his business, Magicman Entertainment, and on his public speaking engagements. For the latter, DaSean encourages youth to work toward their dreams with intention, and not to allow anyone to distract them in their pursuit. He is real with his audiences and motivational, revealing that, while he still struggles at times, he has found a “cure-all” in magic…and his calling.

“I’m a big believer in anything’s possible,” says DaSean. “My job is literally to work in the impossible.” DaSean’s visit to the Magic Castle didn’t disappoint. Miracles were everywhere, from the piano-playing ghost that took requests to an imagination-defying routine in which, in a poof of confetti, a long scarf morphed into a bouncing ball, then back again. “I saw things that I didn’t think existed in this world.”

DaSean absorbed it all, taking in the shows, workshops and gleaning a wealth of tips and techniques from presenting magicians. He says he gained 30 years of knowledge during his time there, as well as validation within this community of illusionists. “It was a symbol that I was able to get past everything that I have been through and do what I love.”

DaSean performs at corporate events, online classes and “magical moments,” including parties, weddings and galas, and is also available for motivational speaking. Visit for more information.