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Congratulations to Our 2023 Employee Excellence Award Recipients

The Home is delighted to announce this year’s Employee Excellence Award recipients. Each individual below was nominated by their peers for going above and beyond in their role, and for making a lasting, positive impact on the children and families we serve. Please join us in congratulating our 2023 recipients!

Rising Star: Padmini Singh, Wediko New York
An employee who has made significant contributions to the organization in their first year

Five-Star Customer Service: Courtney Lindler, Child and Family Counseling Center
An employee who consistently demonstrates exceptional customer service either internally amongst colleagues or externally in assisting clients and members of the community

Coach of the Year: Sam Carney, Child and Family Counseling Center
A manager or supervisor who makes a significant difference through their guidance and mentorship of staff

DEIB Champion: Karin Wall, Child and Family Counseling Center
An employee who champions our DEIB work, promoting diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging throughout their work and interactions

Game Changer: Paula Mass, Southeast Campus
An employee who has offered or implemented an idea to improve the work at a program/department or for the organization.

Guiding Light: Caitlyn Buttigieg, The Home in Walpole
An employee who consistently demonstrates The Home’s values keeping them front and center throughout their work and interactions with colleagues.

Helping Hand: Kenzeler Jean-Michael, Children’s Community Support Collaborative
An employee who consistently exhibits trust, friendship, reliability, loyalty and kindness during the course of their work and has helped them achieve amazing results

Dream Team: Facilities, Corporate Services
Overall exceptional performance by a specific team, program or department that helps drive The Home’s mission forward.

Pinnacle Performers: 
Overall exceptional performance that helps drives The Home’s mission forward.
Toby Iselin, The Wediko School, New Hampshire
Nancy Lynch, Children’s Community Support Collaborative, Massachusetts
Raven Shelton, Wediko, New York