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Empowering Families with Financial Literacy at The Home

“Your feelings towards money, habits and financial challenges are connected.”

This is what Family Partner Curtis Chambers teaches caregivers and families through his financial literacy work with The Home’s for Little Wanderers’ Parent Support Program.

As a certified financial health counselor and through insights gathered throughout his time at The Home, Curtis understands how financial trauma and stress can impact one’s personal, physical and mental well-being. “These things are all tied together,” says Curtis. “You pull the string and everything is going to be upset.”

Curtis ChambersThrough group information sessions and one-on-one financial coaching, Curtis has helped hundreds of families understand financial systems, improve their footing, gain the autonomy to make decisions and access opportunity, and, most importantly, lessen any feelings of shame tied to personal finance.

“It is important to create an environment that is safe; you have to take into account people’s backgrounds and diversity of thoughts,” says Curtis. “I help people identify what is impacting their lives and we incorporate socio-emotional learning as well, to create good habits… like sacrificing now to benefit yourself in the future.”

The Home facilitates these group information sessions in all sorts of environments, from schools to senior centers. Oftentimes, group participants will have follow-up questions or wish to dive deeper into their unique circumstances with Curtis. That is when the one-on-one work comes in.

“We start those one-on-ones with just talking and getting to know one another,” says Curtis. By having these conversations about money, Curtis is able to support parenting journeys, address financial abuse, depression, lack of access to resources, opportunities, security, and more.

Would you or someone you know benefit from The Home’s financial literacy trainings? Contact our Parent Support team to learn more about upcoming sessions with Curtis at