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Programs Supporting LGBTQ+ Youth at The Home

Two LGBTQ+ youth wrapped in Pride flags standing beside each other

LGBTQ+ Programs Across The Home

Waltham House

Waltham House is the first residential group home in New England designed specifically for LGBTQ+ youth, and was among the first of its kind in the nation when it opened in 2002. Its founding principles are that every child deserves to live in an environment in which they feel safe, respected, supported and cared for by those around them.

Our group home provides a safe and supportive living environment with 24-hour staffing for up to 12 gay, lesbian, bisexual, and/or transgender youth ages 14–18. Many youth at Waltham House have experienced difficulty — at home or in placement — due to their gender expression or sexual identities. Their stay at Waltham House prepares them for what is next in their plan, which may be reunification with their families, transitioning to a foster family or preparing for independent living.

In the large, Federal-style home located in Waltham, our LGBTQ+ residential program offers an array of behavioral and mental health services to support youth and help them build the self-sufficiency they will need for their future. Click here to learn more.

Unity House

Located in Keene, New Hampshire, Unity House is a group home for LGBTQ+ youth ages 14-18. Unity House offers a safe and supportive living environment that prepares residents for family reunification, independent living, and self-sufficiency. Unity House is staffed 24/7 by licensed clinicians. Therapists and mental health counselors offer stabilization services, treatment planning, and individual, family, group, and couples therapy.

The Home’s staff also provides family outreach and permanency support services, and counsels youth on post-secondary options. Participation in the program includes opportunities for vocational training and community-building, such as involvement in community service projects, sports, and social and support groups.

Unity House provides housing and support for up to eight youth. The Keene group home builds off the success of The Home’s award-winning Waltham House and is the first home in New Hampshire for LGBTQ+-identifying youth. Click here to learn more.

Out at Home

The Home for Little Wanderers’ Out at Home program provides outpatient, therapeutic support services for LGBTQ+ individuals of all ages, families, couples and caregivers. It is operated in coordination with Waltham House, The Home’s residential group home for LGBTQ+ youth—the first of its kind in New England when it opened in 2002.

Many young people have experienced difficulty and discrimination due to their gender expression or sexual identities. Out at Home was created with the goal of providing LGBTQ+ competent clinical care, with a strong emphasis on keeping youth within their home environments and communities by offering comprehensive, specialized services and resources that educate, support, strengthen and empower.

Our clinicians offer innovative, ever-evolving programming, whether providing in-person or virtual clinical care, leading confidence and community-building group sessions, or counseling LGBTQ+ students in Greater Boston schools and colleges. Click here to learn more.