Camp Wediko Application Process

Admissions Process

The Camp Wediko application consists of three parts, all of which must be submitted before we can consider a camper for admission:

1. Parent Application Form:

2. Clinical Document: either a psychological evaluation (preferred) OR alternative Mental Health Provider Form

3. Educational Document: either a current IEP OR alternative Teacher Form

Once we have received and reviewed all components of the application, we meet with the family and camper for an interview, which can take place either on campus or via Zoom.

Admissions decisions are made based on “goodness of fit” of the camper and family with our program, as well as peer group fit and space available. While admissions decisions are rolling throughout the spring, we encourage families to submit completed applications by May 1 for the best chance of availability.


Tuition for Camp Wediko 2024 is $17,600, and is due in full by July 1. As a single-session program, tuition is unable to be prorated. While some families pay privately, other campers may receive funding support through their school districts or a mental health agency. To determine whether your camper may be eligible, contact your district’s Special Education Director or your caseworker. Unfortunately, Wediko is unable to work with insurance companies, nor are we able to offer scholarships or financial aid at this time.