Connected Families Respite Program

Raising children with social, emotional and/or behavioral challenges is hard and demanding work. Families parenting children with complex needs are often at an increased risk for caregiving in isolation. 

The Connected Families Respite (CFR) Program is designed to serve these families, offering both a “respite”—or a much-needed break—as well as the opportunity to strengthen their natural support networks.

CFR is a free, voluntary program offered to residents in the MetroBoston area raising youth with challenging social, emotional and/or behavioral presentations. Youth and families served do not need to have insurance or system involvement.

What We Do

  • Strengthen Families
  • Improve Relationships
  • Relieve Stress
  • Build Community
  • Develop Youth Interests
  • Transportation Help
  • Weekend Therapeutic and Recreational Programs and Workshops

How We Help

The Connected Families Respite Program uses a two-pronged approach to strengthen families:

  • Our Caregiver Network Support offers families the opportunity to work closely with a Caregiver Network Facilitator who helps individuals and families assess their current natural support network and identify opportunities to increase the quantity and/or quality of their support in their communities and families. Through individual and family conversations, and caregiver groups, families are supported in strengthening existing connections and developing and maintaining relationships with other caregivers.
  • Through our Respite Services, our trained Youth Outreach Workers give caregivers a break and time for self-care by spending time with their child or children in the home, within the community or during weekend programming and workshops. Outreach is child-driven; youth will explore interests outside the home, expand their own village and build confidence that will strengthen their attachments.