Residential Care Program

Hailer House at Walpole

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Hailer House is a residential treatment placement for adolescent youth who need specialized treatment as they heal from the traumatic events that have shaped their young lives. Youth who live on the campus are part of a greater community which includes Clifford Academy, a Massachusetts Chapter 766 Special Education School. The campus is located on 166 scenic acres in Walpole and offers recreational activities such as a state of the art gym, and walking trails for youth to explore. Our strength-based clinical services help youth learn to manage their behaviors while preparing them for life in the community.

Hailer House serves youth who struggle with their behavior and are working to heal from their trauma. The program serves youth of all genders ages 12-18 who may struggle with the following:

Attachment issues
Learning difficulties, delays in socially acceptable responses, and limited healthy coping skills
Demonstrate maladaptive behaviors including fire setting, sexualized behaviors, suicidal/self-harm behaviors, running, and aggression.

Residential Services

All clinical and behavioral intervention plans are family-driven and youth guided. As a residential provider, The Home recognizes the importance of empowering youth and families to create successful outcomes. Hailer House has its own team which includes a milieu director, residential supervisors, direct care counselors, clinical coordinator, clinicians, and nurse monitor. They work with youth to create a positive environment that is nurturing, consistent and predictable. The team also works with families to develop support techniques to be used at home and in the community.

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