Residential Care Program

The Home at Walpole


The Home in Walpole serves youth between 12 and 18 years old, providing year-round educational and residential services and creating safe, stable surrounds for children. Programs on the Walpole campus provide supportive academic and living environments and diverse levels of service and support.

The campus is located on 166 scenic acres and features five residential units, a large gym and recreational space, a small engine repair program, and a large cafeteria. There is also access to an outdoor basketball court, a playground, a Project Adventure ropes course, a ball field, and several hiking trails.

Whether preparing a youth to return to their family or helping a young adult begin their independent life, The Home at Walpole enables youngsters to acclimate into the community and move toward a successful transition.

Clifford Academy, located on the Walpole campus, is one of The Home’s special education schools. The school serves students who have educational, emotional, and behavioral challenges that cannot be adequately addressed in a traditional public-school environment. Clifford Academy serves both residential and day students. Our goal at Clifford Academy is to work with students to develop the necessary academic, vocational and social emotional skills to thrive in school, at home and in the community.

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