Residential Care Program

The Wediko School

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In April 2020, Wediko successfully merged with The Home for Little Wanderers. The merger brings together two organizations with long and rich histories of service to vulnerable children and families.

Established in 1934, Wediko works with students who have faced repeated obstacles in their lives due to a broad spectrum of social, emotional, behavioral, and learning challenges. At Wediko, children are not defined by their diagnoses or by their failures; instead, they are guided to become the best versions of themselves. We help children and their families develop strategies to become successful. At Wediko, kids blend their personal histories with new, positive experiences and recreate identities on their own terms.

As the complexity of risk factors for children and families continues to evolve, so does Wediko’s approach. What remains constant is Wediko’s commitment to providing the opportunity to enhance strengths, resources, and resiliency to meet challenges proactively. Wediko’s innovative treatment approaches help children create a sense of belonging, develop competencies, discover safe environments, reinforce positive behaviors, and build supportive communities.

The Wediko programs are home to some of the country’s most passionate and dedicated professionals. Our community celebrates and honors the diverse backgrounds represented by our children and their families. In 1934, Dr. Robert Young and his colleagues created an outdoor oasis for these children. At Wediko, children could go to summer camp instead of psychiatric hospitals to get the treatment they needed and have the fun they deserved. More than eight decades later, Wediko programs provide a robust continuum of services for children and families, never losing our sense of fun!

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