Stabilizing and Strengthening Youth in Crisis

The Home’s Youth Community Crisis Stabilization (YCCS) program is a new, shortterm service for youth ages 13-18 who have experienced a mental health crisis and require a high level of care. Located at The Home in Walpole and offered in partnership with Riverside Community Care, YCCS is designed as a less-restrictive alternative to an inpatient facility—with many of the same services. 

The YCCS’s robust offerings include nursing oversight, medication management, clinical interventions for individuals, groups and families, and access to therapeutic programming. We offer staff-secure care with a high level of supervision and structure in a comfortable, youth- and family-friendly setting that is conducive to recovery. Our goal is to help youth restore functioning, strengthen their resources and capacities, and ensure a timely, successful return to their communities

Youth Community Crisis Stabilization The Home for Little Wanderers Walpole Entrance

How we help

The YCCS team is comprised of professionals who specialize in working with children and youth with mental health challenges. We offer a warm, welcoming setting and collaborate with existing and/or newly established treatment providers to offer the following services: