Young Adult Programs

Higher Education Support at Somerville Village

The Home for Little Wanderers’ Somerville Village: Support for Higher Education is designed to enable young women who are homeless or at-risk for homelessness to pursue post-secondary education by providing housing, therapeutic, emotional, and educational supports. The innovative program is located in a two-story house, conveniently located in Somerville around the corner from a stop for the MBTA #95 bus, has 15 bedrooms, five full bathrooms, a large kitchen, ample living area and designated study and office space.

Who do we serve?

Somerville Village will serve up to fifteen young women who are at least 18 years of age at the time of admission. Ideal candidates need to meet the following requirements:

  • Have earned a high school diploma or equivalent; or are within one year of doing so
  • Has exhibited a strong desire to pursue higher education
  • Shows a determination to change the trajectory of their lives for the better
  • Responds well to consistent living arrangement
  • Seeks clinical support during difficult times
  • Willingness to self-manage their medications

What services do we offer?

Somerville Village uses evidenced-based intervention and prevention to provide a network of support to students. Life Coaches are the heart of the program providing weekly (or more) on-going support to help students develop and achieve educational and life goals. They help coordinate services within the community and hold students accountable in their process. In addition, the young women are provided with the opportunity and support needed to:

  • Enhance self-awareness
  • Actively participate in personal development and academic growth
  • Further develop connections to the community
  • Increase ability to access available support services
  • Develop healthy adult and peer relationships and build lifelong connections

For more information or to receive an application: 508-531-1483