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Running Boston for The Home: Meet Joshua Grant

The Home for Little Wanderers and BAA charity lockup


Since entering the human services field in the early nineties, Joshua Grant has always had a heart for working with young adults.

Joshua has supported hundreds of individuals experiencing homelessness over the years, many of whom have found safety, shelter and a new start at The Home for Little Wanderers. He has been with the organization for over a decade and has contributed to multiple programs along the way, going wherever he is needed within the organization, whether it be to help launch a new program or to identify areas of improvement for existing services.

In his current role as Senior Director of Transitional Age Programs at The Home, Joshua now oversees all programs that provide staff-supported housing, long-term apartments and other services to young adults between the ages of 18-24.

“Most people are unaware of how many young adults are homeless in our city and state; there are over 900 each year just in Boston, “says Joshua. “Fifty percent of these young people have aged out of foster care or residential programs.”

As he trains for Boston, Joshua will fundraise for The Home and the programs he knows so well that help many of these struggling individuals find their footing and take meaningful steps into adulthood.

This year’s marathon will be the latest addition to a long list of intense long-distance challenges Joshua has overcome; some have taken 48 hours or longer to finish! For one such event, Joshua traveled to Ometepe Island in Nicaraqua to experience Fuego y Agua, a multi-day, rainforest trail run that left him with once-in-a-lifetime memories of howler monkeys cheering him on by day and the tiny, gleaming eyes of tropical spiders watching him from the grass at night.

While Joshua finds enjoyment and adventure in running, his true love is the sport of arm wrestling. The Allston resident is a three-time world champion arm wrestler. This hobby most recently took him to Kazakhstan in 2023, where he won gold in his weight class at the World Armwrestling Federation’s World Championship.

Support Josh’s fundraiser for The Home here.