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Running Boston for The Home: Meet Mike and Clara Nowlan

The Home for Little Wanderers and BAA charity lockup

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Father and daughter duo Mike and Clara Nowlan may live on opposite coasts, but this spring, they will be joining forces in Boston to run their first marathon and advocate for The Home’s work to create better, brighter futures for kids.

In his time serving as The Home’s interim Chief Financial Officer Mike, who is Senior Managing Director at Accordion, a consulting firm that manages and maximizes the success of organizational finance teams, gained an intimate perspective of The Home’s financial resources and impact. This experience inspired him to go the extra mile, or just over 26 of them, to personally build awareness around the mission and the programs across the region that are supporting 15,000 kids and families each year.

“There is a vast amount of resources needed for these kids,” says Mike. “I’d like to see more people donate to The Home. We have a waiting list for many of our programs and we have challenges hiring enough staff to support the demand. If we can afford to bring in more staff and resources, we can see more kids. It is also a personal challenge for me…and being able to run it with Clara is very special.”

As a social worker for Los Angeles Unified School District in Los Angeles, Clara is on the front lines of the mental health field, providing mental health

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services to kids in a school setting. Witnessing the power of accessible mental health care in her daily work, Clara is eager to run to support The Home’s community programs and school services that bring quality mental health care straight to kids where they live and learn every day.

Clara’s love for staying active and setting new physical goals has led her to many places in life: onto the starting lineup of Trinity College’s women’s lacrosse team, leading classes as a yoga instructor after graduation, and now, to the starting line of the world’s most prestigious marathon course, with her dad by her side.

Despite their age difference and Mike being deemed a NARP, or “non-athletic regular person,” by Clara, the pair plans to stick together for all 26.2 miles, which will make for an especially memorable day for dad and daughter.

Click here to support Mike and Clara as they work to raise $20,000 for The Home’s essential programs.