Fundraising Ideas For Kids

Would you like to help other kids who are less fortunate than you?

Most children have lots of good things in their lives — a loving family, friends and a place to call home. Not all of the kids at The Home for Little Wanderers have been so lucky.

There are many ways for kids to help the children in our care. You can do some of these things on your own, or get your friends, classmates, or sports team involved. Below are some ideas, but feel free to use your imagination…

Make Your Birthday More Meaningful
Ask your birthday party guests to make a donation to The Home or bring a present or gift card to donate to a child in our care in place of giving a gift to you.

Celebrate Special Milestones
Invite your family and friends to make a donation to The Home in celebration of your Bar Mitzvah/Bah Mitzvah, graduation, or some other special occasion.

Pay It Forward with Chores
Babysit, mow lawns, shovel snow, pet-sit — you name it — and donate a portion or all of your earnings to The Home.

Spare Your Change
Hold a coin drive by placing canisters in places around your community to collect money for The Home (be sure to ask for permission first). Or start collecting all of the change in your own house and see how quickly it adds up!

Set Up Shop
Coordinate a bake sale or lemonade stand at a sporting event, concert, or in your neighborhood and make a big sign to let people know the money raised will benefit The Home. Car washes and yard sales are also a great way to raise money. Or if you’re crafty, make something like jewelry that you can sell.

Fulfill a Holiday Wish
Help us make sure every child at The Home has a gift to open during the holidays by holding a Wish List Gift Drive to collect new toys and gifts. You can even choose wishes from kids your own age during our Big Wishes Gift Drive in December.

Have Fun with Holidays
Charge admission to a haunted house at Halloween, sell “sweets for your sweetheart” treats at Valentine’s Day or have a 4th of July cookout in your backyard and ask friends to make a donation to The Home.

Create Your Own Event
Host a Spoof Olympics or a Scavenger Hunt and collect donations from friends and family to participate. Organize an event at your school (with permission), like a dance or ice cream social and sell tickets or ask for a donation at the door. If you have to wear a uniform to school, plan a Dress Down Day.

Imagine if lots of kids gave a little… Together you can make a huge difference!

Fundraising Tips

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when planning your event:

  • What will you do to raise money? 
  • Who will run the fundraiser: students, parents, teachers, coaches?
  • How will people take part: as individuals, student teams, class, school, community wide?
  • When will it take place: a designated day or holiday, over a special week, or a certain day of the week?
  • Where will it take place: gym, classroom, local shopping centre or sports hall?
  • Do you need permission? Always check with those in charge before starting to plan the event?


Prepare an action plan

  • Gather any materials you might need, collect resources and enlist the help of friends, parents, other relatives or teachers. 
  • Don’t forget to advertise about your event by making posters and sending emails or text messages to all your friends and family telling them about the event.
  • Set up a checklist of tasks and assign a date and person responsible if you have others helping you.
  • Identify a way to track your collection efforts and a safe place to store the money you collect.


Follow up

  • Don’t forget to thank all those who helped. 
  • Have an adult (teacher, parent) send a photo of your event to the local newspaper announcing your fundraising efforts.
  • Make checks payable to “The Home for Little Wanderers” and mail to:
    Attn: Development
    The Home for Little Wanderers
    10 Guest Street
    Boston, MA 02135

By Mail
Attn: Development
The Home for Little Wanderers
10 Guest Street
Boston, MA 02135