Undergraduate Internships

Categories of Undergraduate internships:

Program interns are assigned to work directly with children and families receiving services at The Home. These interns provide clinical and case management services under the supervision of Intern Supervisors.

Department interns work in one of The Home’s central departments and typically provide office support. The Home can offer its department interns a unique experience, working in a large agency and with large systems.


In order to become an undergraduate intern at The Home, you must be enrolled in school and in a course that either requires you to complete an internship/practicum towards your degree or as part of your coursework to receive academic credit.

Note: Please note that all of our internships are unpaid but do provide several opportunities for valuable training and certifications.

  1. Open posting link below to see available internships.
  2. When looking for a placement, carefully consider your area of interest, location of the internship, and required days/hours.
  3. Download application (complete electronically or hard copy).
  4. Send an email to with your application, resume, and cover letter clearly indicating which program(s) you would like to apply to and for what semester(s).
For questions or more information please contact:

Bethany Goldenberg, LCSW, Intern Program Manager